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Summer Cashier Cover Letter Example


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Summer Cashier Cover Letter

Dear Mr. Knight,

Please accept my enthusiastic application to work as a cashier at the Pink Creamery Ice Cream Shop. I would love the opportunity to be a hardworking employee at your establishment. I believe my excellent customer service and leadership abilities would make me an ideal employee.

Your advertisement specifies that you require an employee who is comfortable working in customer service. As a cashier at a grocery store for three years, I have experience providing friendly service to customers even during the busiest hours of service. As a member of my university’s entertainment committee, I have gained further experience in customer service, making arrangements and providing accommodations for a variety of artists and other performers. I am always ready with a smile and a helping hand for any customer.

Finally, you state that employees must be leaders, capable of running the cash register alone for periods of time. I have extensive leadership experience; I have run meetings for my high school’s literary magazine as literary editor, and I served as my track team’s captain. Both positions required making difficult decisions during stressful times; for example, when a team member was injured right before a race, the track coach and I had to decide who would take her place. As literary editor, I also had to make every last-minute decision about the organization of our magazine. I am confident that I can handle stressful situations and make important decisions while working as a cashier for your store.

I am therefore certain that my customer service abilities and leadership skills are just the qualities you are looking for at the Pink Creamery Ice Cream Shop. I have enclosed my resume, and will call within the next week to see if we might arrange a time to speak together. Thank you so much for your time and consideration.

Samantha Fielding

ABC University
111 Education Road
Chicago, IL 60803
Cell: 815-666-9715

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