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About Job Search on Social Networks

Connecting on LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter


About Job Search on Social Networks
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Job seekers frequently write to ask me how they can use the social networking sites Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter to get job leads, to job search, and to get career advice.

All of the top social networks - LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter - are free and easy to join, and can be used to get job search advice and tips, to network, and to connect with career and job search experts, companies that are hiring, and other job seekers.

LinkedIn is the top professional networking site and everyone who is job hunting should have a LinkedIn profile and should be actively using LinkedIn to job search and network. Here's how to get started on LinkedIn. Then join the About Job Search LinkedIn Group to connect with career experts and hiring managers, get job leads, and to network with contacts who can help with your job search.

Job Search on Facebook
Interested in Facebook? You can "like" my Facebook Job Search page for lots of job hunting tips, suggestions, and advice.

For job leads and quick tidbits of advice follow me on Twitter: @AlisonDoyle. I'm connected to thousands of employers, recruiters, career experts, and job sites and as part of my network, you'll be connected to them too!

Google+ is Google's social networking site and it's a tool that can be used for both career networking and for job searching, as well as for personal networking. Add me to your Circles here: Alison - Google+

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