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Use CareerSonar to Find Job Opportunities in Your Network



Discover employment opportunities within your social and professional networks

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Networking remains one of the most important components of job search success. There is now an easy way to search for job listings and find networking contacts at the companies you're interested in.

CareerSonar taps social networking and job listings in an integrated way to help job seekers access employment opportunities.

CareerSonar takes social job searching to the next level because you aren't just using your network to help your job search. Rather, you are using the site to directly tap jobs that are available within your social and professional network. You can then leverage your connections in those networks to assist with your job hunt.

Get Started on CareerSonar

A user presence on CareerSonar is very easy to set up. All the interfaces are simple and quite intuitive. Contacts from Facebook and LinkedIn are integrated with the click of a button. You can register, integrate your contacts and search for jobs within five minutes.

CareerSonar is free and you can sign up using your Facebook account - simply click on the "Connect With Facebook" button.

Find Jobs Where You Have Connections

CareerSonar users can easily search for jobs and view whom they are connected to at the company. Even better, the job listings are ranked by the level of connections you have. The higher the level of your connections (1st or 2nd degree LinkedIn connections, for example) the higher the job ranks in your list of openings. You won't need to weed through hundreds of job listings. Instead, you can see, at a glance, jobs where you have a contact at the company.

Search for jobs by keyword and location (city, state) to generate a list of jobs where you have a contact. CareerSonar then aggregates job listings from top job listing sources including job boards and corporate career websites. The output is organized by the level of insider access that you have at the listed employers.

You'll see your Facebook friends and LinkedIn connections right next to the job listings. In addition, CareerSonar bridges the boundaries of each network to connect users with their Facebook friends’ LinkedIn connections.

Contacting Your Connections

Users can click on the contacts associated with any listing and a handy message box appears along with a well crafted, sample language to solicit assistance with the opening at their contact's firm:

Sample Message Generated by CareerSonar to Seek a Referral for a Posted Job

Hi Tara,

I am interested in a job at Atarix that I saw on CareerSonar, and was wondering if you may have any advice or perhaps can refer me to someone to speak with there?

The position is "Business Analyst/Manager", and there are more details about it here: http://www.careersonar.com/i/3fa869

Firstname Lastname

Sample Message Generated by CareerSonar to Request an Introduction

Hi Deb,

I noticed that you are connected to John Doe on LinkedIn and was hoping you could make an introduction? I am interested in a job at Seamlent I found on CareerSonar and thought John may have advice or perhaps can refer me to someone to speak with there.

The position is "Data & Site Content Associate", and there are more details about it here: http://www.careersonar.com/i/3d8136

Thank you very much,

Firstname Lastname

Sonar Alerts

The system saves search criteria and messages registrants with "Sonar Alerts" when new jobs appear that meet their specifications. So, even if you're not actively seeking employment, you'll be able to take a look at jobs which might be of interest.

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