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Second Interview Questions


Job Interview
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You've made it through your first interview with flying colors and you've been invited to a second round interview. What will you be asked during a second interview? Some of the interview questions may be the same as the questions you were asked at the first interview.

During a second interview, you will also be asked more specific interview questions about the job, the company, your ability to perform in the job and how your skills and abilities translate into what the company is seeking in the person they are going to hire.

Company and Job Specific Interview Questions

Depending on the type of position you're interviewing for, you'll be asked questions that will require detailed responses. For example, if you are interviewing for a sales job, you'll be asked interview questions about your sales achievements. It's important to be clear about how you can help the company and how you will grow sales and market share. For these type questions, you'll need to tailor your responses to reflect the company's products, services, and goals.

The best way to prepare to answer questions about how you will perform is to learn as much as you can about the job and the company. The more you know, the easier it will be to relate your skills to the company's needs.

Check out the company's web site, Facebook page, Twitter feed, and LinkedIn page. Check Google news for the latest information about the company. Talk to your connections, if you have them, at the company to get as much insider information as possible.

Make a Match

Review the job posting you applied for and other company job listings. You will get a good idea of what the company wants from the people they hire from reviewing the job descriptions. Make a list of how you match what the company is looking for and use that information when you respond to interview questions.

You goal is to convince the company that you are the candidate who can help them reach their goals and if you provide actionable information in your responses, you'll be well positioned.

In addition, review behavioral interview questions and answers because they are designed to elicit responses that include specific examples of how you achieved results.

Give Consistent Responses

Remember to be consistent. Your interviewers are going to compare notes, so it is important that what you tell one interviewer matches what you tell you the others. Take the time to review your resume ahead of time and take notes after your first interview so you remember what you said the first time around.

Second Interview Questions to Ask the Employer

It's important to have questions ready to ask the interviewer and since you don't want to repeat what you asked in the first interview, have a different set of interview questions ready to ask during your second interview. Here are examples of questions to ask the employer during a second job interview.

Job Interview Tips

Just because you've been invited for a second interview, don't think it's a done deal and you're going to get the job. In this competitive job market, most employers conduct second interviews and sometimes even third and fourth interviews.

Prepare carefully for each and every interview to enhance your prospects of turning your interview into job offer.

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