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Types of Seasonal Jobs


Interested in a seasonal job? Seasonal jobs are available year round, depending on the type of job you are interested in and the location where you want to work.  The more flexible you are, the more seasonal job opportunities you'll be able to apply for.  In fact, some people turn seasonal work into a career path, stringing together a series of jobs to come up with the equivalent, or close to it, of full time work and pay.

Here's information on the types of seasonal jobs that are available including holiday season jobs, ski season jobs, tax season jobs, summer jobs, temporary jobs and more seasonal job opportunities.

Holiday Seasonal Jobs

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Holiday season hiring starts in the fall, sometimes as early as September.  Seasonal opportunities include retail positions, warehouse jobs, and package handling and delivery jobs.  Both full-time and part-time temporary positions are available and some have the potential to turn into a permanent position.

Ski Season Jobs

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Ski season jobs aren't just for skiers and riders.  For those who want to be on the snow, of course, there are ski patrol, ski school and other jobs where you can ski or snowboard on the job.  There are also a variety of service and hospitality jobs available for those who want to spend the winter in a ski town.  Some of these jobs are available longer-term, as well, as ski resorts move into being open for three seasons or year round.


Summer Jobs

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Like ski season jobs, summer jobs at resorts can linger into fall for those who can stay.  There may also be opportunities for an early start date depending on your availability.  Here's how to search for and apply for summer jobs, along with the information you will need to apply, summer job search tips, and advice on where to look to find a terrific summer job.

Tax Season Jobs

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Tax preparation companies hire seasonal workers to help with preparing income tax returns during tax season. A tax prep job can be a way to earn extra money during income tax season and can lead to other more permanent opportunities.  In addition, the Internal Revenue Services (IRS) hire part and full time workers as Data Transcribers, Clerks, Tax Examiners and Contact Representatives..

Tax season jobs typically run from January - May, though if training is needed there may be an opportunity for an earlier start date.  For some positions applicants need experience, for others, like data entry and administrative jobs, tax experience isn't required.

Temporary Jobs

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Even though temporary jobs aren't specific to a season, working as a temp can be a way to earn a paycheck when you can't find a permanent position, a way to earn extra money, a path to permanent employment, and a way to get resume building experience.  Here's more on temp jobs and how to find them.

How to Search for Seasonal Jobs

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Seasonal jobs are available throughout the year. Companies, especially retail and transportation, hire seasonal workers for the busy holiday season. Resorts hire workers for both ski season and summer seasonal positions. Tax season (January - April) is another opportunity for finding a seasonal job. Here's the best way to search online for a seasonal job.

Seasonal Jobs on CoolWorks.com

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CoolWorks.com is the top job site for seasonal jobs and career opportunities. National parks, ski resorts, camps, ranches, theme parks, and other organization that hire for seasonal positions list their job opportunities on Cool Works.

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