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What Recruiters Want Candidates to Know

Job Search Tips From Recruiters


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What is important when you're applying for jobs? What's most important to hiring managers? What do recruiters really wish they could tell candidates for employment?

The Corporate Executive Board/Recruiting Roundtable survey of recruiters and hiring managers reports that 75% of recruiters surveyed spend 5 minutes or less reviewing candidate information and 28% spend less than 2 minutes.

Given that you don't have much time to make a good impression, you really need to make sure the impression you make is a good one.

The Corporate Executive Board, a leading business information and advisory firm, shares tips for job seekers on what does make a difference during those few minutes your application is being reviewed.

Top 5 Candidate Actions Recommended by Recruiters

  • Only apply for positions where you meet most of the qualifications (53% of recruiters selected this as one of their top five)
  • Tailor your resume to the job (53% of recruiters selected in their top five)
  • Be more specific in examples of your previous experience in interviews (52% of recruiters selected in their top five)
  • Read the job description before applying (47% of recruiters selected in their top five)
  • Proofread application materials (44% of recruiters selected in their top five)

The Bottom Line - Being Qualified for the Job

What it comes down to, as well, is being qualified for the job. Surveyed recruiters report that only 15% of the time do more than half (51+%) of the resumes/applications they receive for a position actually meet the basic qualifications of the position.

That means, 85% of the candidates aren't a fit for the job. Being qualified for the positions you are applying for already gives you a big advantage over the competition.

Taking the time to read the job description, tailor your resume, and to make sure it's perfect will give you even more of boost over the other candidates.

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