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Job Interview Scheduling Tips

Tips for scheduling a job interview, including excuses for missing work to interview, confirming or canceling an interview, and how to reschedule or confirm an interview.

Tips for Confirming a Job Interview
When you schedule a job interview, be sure to confirm the interview location, as well as the date and time. Here are tips for confirming a job interview and ensuring you get to the right place at the right time.

How to Cancel a Job Interview
How to cancel a job interview when you are unable to attend the the interview.

How to Reschedule a Job Interview
How to reschedule a job interview when you're sick or otherwise can't make the interview.

Taking Time Off for an Interview
Suggestions and excuses for taking time off from work for a job interview. Top excuses for not going to work, along with excuses you shouldn't use for not going to work.

Missing Work Letter Examples
Companies may require that employees provide a written excuse letter or send an email message when they miss time from work to interview or for other reasons. These sample letters and email messages with excuses for missing work can be edited to fit your own personal circumstances.

Read and Post Interview Excuses
Read suggestions for excuses for missing work for an interview from About.com site visitors and if you have a good excuse, add it to the list.

Excuses for Missing Work
Do you need to skip work for an interview, but don't have a good excuse? If you are concerned about using the "I need a sick day" excuse too many times and want to be creative here are some work excuses shared by About.com readers that might work when you need a reason to take time off from your job.

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