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Unemployment Scam Warning Examples

Examples of Unemployment Scams Posted on State Department of Labor Websites


Unemployment Scam Warning Examples
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When you're not sure if an unemployment-related website, phone call, email or text message (all typical unemployment scams) is legitimate it can be helpful to review examples of scams that are used to take advantage of people collecting unemployment.

The following are scams that have been reported on State Unemployment Websites and Department of Labor Websites to warn beneficiaries of unemployment about scams that say they will help them apply for unemployment benefits, websites that charge for filing an unemployment claim or attempt to collect personal information from unemployed individuals online or via cell phone or email.

Arizona Department of Economic Security Cell Phone and UI Debit Card Scam Warning
Unemployment Insurance claimants should beware of emails or text messages asking them to disclose personal information, such as their Social Security Number, Debit Card and PIN number. This is a clear mark of fraud. No reputable company or financial institution will contact you unexpectedly and ask you to divulge any personal information, including account and PIN numbers.
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Arizona Department of Economic Security Fee for File Scam Warning
The DES Employment Administration wants to make sure that no one is taken advantage of by online services offering to file your Unemployment claims for a fee. It has come to our attention that individuals who sign up for these "filing services" later discover that their applications for Unemployment Insurance benefits were never filed. Some have also provided their Social Security Numbers to these fraudulent entities.
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Maine Department of Labor Unemployment Scam Warning
You should never have to pay in order to file an unemployment application or claim. The web is full of sites that will offer to file your claim on your behalf, or to help you navigate the unemployment system. By using these other websites, you may have to pay a fee and your personal information is put at risk.
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Missouri Department of Labor Possible Unemployment Extensions Scam Website Warnings
ATTENTION - There is a scam website announcing that Congress approved an unemployment extension for 2012 allowing claimants to file for benefits through their site. This website is FALSE. The ONLY place to file for unemployment benefits is www.moclaim.mo.gov.

WARNING: To anyone filing for unemployment benefits, be aware of scammers. The Department of Labor’s Division of Employment Security (DES) will NEVER charge you to file for unemployment benefits. Make sure you properly type in our site, www.moclaim.mo.gov, not a .com site. We are aware that there are websites out there who offer to file your claim for a fee (sometimes up to $40), but these websites are a scam. We are not able to reimburse those who have lost money with these sites.
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Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training Scam Website Warning
The National Association of State Workforce Agencies has notified Rhode Island and other states that a web site, http://www.unemployment-extension.org/, is falsely announcing the renewal of unemployment insurance extended benefits and attempting to collect the personal information of claimants. The detailed web site—which is NOT affiliated with the RI Department of Labor and Training or U.S. Department of Labor—features write-ups on unemployment insurance programs and an interactive map of the states.

Unemployment Insurance claimants are advised NOT to enter personal information on this site. The only bona fide web site for filing an unemployment insurance claim in Rhode Island is the RI Department of Labor and Training web site, http://www.dlt.ri.gov. Those choosing the “file a claim” option from the bona fide departmental web site will be redirected to a separate secure site whose web address begins with “https:”.
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South Carolina Department of Employment and Workforce Fake Press Release Scam Warning
An online scam targeting people receiving Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefits is circulating nationwide via a website and fake press release.

The "Press Release" and website are part of a scam. DO NOT OPEN THE LINK OR FILL OUT ANY FORMS ON THAT WEBSITE. IT IS A SCAM.

The U.S. Department of Labor issued a warning about this "phishing" scam seeking to collect personal information through a website.

The fake release incorrectly says that Congress has approved a plan extending UI benefits to 99 weeks and directs people to a website. The notice then directs people to fill out a form on the site so they can get extended benefits.
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How to Avoid Unemployment Scams
Here's more information on unemployment scams and how to avoid them.

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