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Resume Example for a Construction Job

John Applicant
1 23 Main Street
Albany, NY 12345

(111) (111 -1111)


Civil Engineer Technician, Albany Construction
Albany, NY
2006 - Present

- Responsible for layout, design and production of site plans and preliminary blueprints for commercial office, retail and residential projects.

Civil Engineer Technician, Mistrals Group
New York, NY
2001 - 2006

- Responsible for planning, cost analysis, preliminary approvals applications, and design and production of site plans.
- Exposure to all phases of design and construction of retail store projects.

Draftsman / Site Work Coordinator
Eagle Eye Construction, New York, NY
1999 - 2001
- Drafting of various office and retail improvement projects.
- Responsible for survey crew training and scheduling.
- Exposure to primarily office and retail build outs.


Imaginary Community College
Saratoga Springs, NY
Civil Engineering Certificate, 1999


Computer Aid Drafting and Designing (CADD), experience with HTML and web-designing software.


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