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Resume With Volunteer Experience


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The following resume includes volunteer experience.

Volunteer Resume Example

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Boyle and Boyle Communications
January 2006 - Present
Web Editorial Associate
Responsibilities: Web site design and maintenance, writing, and editing web content.

Heathstone Associates
June 2004 - January 2006
Web Assistant
Responsibilities: Web site maintenance, web content editing, photo editing, and publishing.


Sarasoga Rowing Association
March 2008 - Present
Responsibilities: Web site design and maintenance, image editing, and content creation.

Save Our Strays
June 2004 - Present
Responsibilities: Web site management, newsletter and email communications with staff, volunteers, and applicants.

Sarasoga Hospital
June 2006 - March 2008
Responsibilities: Volunteering in the Maternity Unit - assisting nurses with medical duties and daily tasks, watching over infants in the nursery, filing and chart work, stocking nursery supplies, compiling necessary paperwork for patients, bringing infants to and from patient rooms and checking for correct identification.


Florida University
BA, English Literature

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