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Resume and Cover Letter Examples


Resume and Cover Letter Examples

Focus both your resume and cover letter on the requirements listed in the job posting.

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The following are resume and cover letter examples for a variety of types of jobs. In addition, there are lists of resume examples and cover letter examples based on type of job seeker, type of resume, career field and occupation, as well as general resume and cover letter samples.

Use these examples as a starting point for your own job application materials. Then customize both your resume and your letter for each job you apply to so they are focused on the skills and experience required in the job posting.

Resume and Cover Letter Examples

Administrative Jobs

Business / Finance Jobs

Communications Jobs

Construction / Maintenance Jobs

Education Jobs

Hospitality Jobs

Information Technology Jobs

Marketing / Public Relations Jobs

Retail Jobs

Summer Jobs and Internships

More Resumes and Cover Letters

Lists of Resume and Cover Letter Samples

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