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Sales Interview Answers: How would your supervisor describe you?


Sales Interview Answers: How would your supervisor describe you? Copyright Getty Images Supernova
Here are sample answers for the interview question "How would your supervisor or former supervisor describe you?"

Sample Answers

  • She would describe me as a person who leaves no loose ends. I have often been complemented on my attention to detail.
  • My former supervisor would say that I work well as a part of a team, as well as being motivated on my own. At that particular company, it was important to be able to keep all the team members informed, as we worked collaboratively on many sales. It was an interesting environment, and I found it enjoyable and challenging.
  • He would describe me as a self starter. We were responsible for our sales from first contact to the close, and worked alone and independently most of the time. There were some experienced sales people who had a difficult time with the lack of structure there, but I found it satisfying to have that kind of autonomy.

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