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Sales Interview Answers: What motivates you?


Sales Interview Answers: What motivates you? Copyright Getty Images Supernova
When you are interviewing for a sales job, it's important to tie your motivation to sales goals. The interviewer is going to expect you to be self-movitated and to be motivated by achieving sales goals and targets.

If you have sales experience, share examples of what motivated you to achieve success in your previous position(s).

Here are sample answers for the interview question "What motivates you?"

Sample Answers

  • I am motivated by a challenge. I enjoy spending the time to showcase a product, and help the customer to understand the benefits to them.
  • What motivates me most is money. I enjoy making large sales, seeking out new clients, and growing my department's earning percentage.
  • I am motivated by innovation. I like to try different things, and I love being in sales, because every customer brings the opportunity for a new approach.

Sales Job Interview Tips

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