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Salary, Wages, Taxes and Employee Compensation

Information on Employee Compensation


Information on pay, salary, negotiating compensation, salary surveys and calculators, wage and salary law, employee compensation, and other compensation related issues.

Compensation and Salary Resources

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Salary information, salary surveys, negotiation strategies, salary tools, and more resources to research how much you should be paid and how to negotiate a reasonable compensation offer.

Compensation Questions and Answers

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Compensation questions and answers regarding holiday and vacation pay, first paychecks, last paychecks, minimum wage, overtime eligibility, unemployment eligiblity, and more common questions concerning compensation amd employee rights.

Employee Benefits and Perks

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Employee benefits are an important part of a compensation package. Depending on the company, employee benefits may include health insurance, dental insurance, vision care, life insurance, paid vacation leave, personal leave, sick leave, child care, fitness, a retirement plan, and other optional benefits offered to employees and their families.

Negotiating Salary

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Have you been offered a new job or do you want a pay raise? If so, what's the best way to conduct salary negotiations? Here's how to research and negotiate a salary and compensation package. Review these salary negotiation strategies and tactics, so you can successfully negotiate compensation.

Pay Raises

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If you're thinking about a pay increase and it doesn't look like it's going to happen without action on your part, it's important to be prepared before you ask for a raise. Here are tips and advice on how to get ready to ask for a raise, how to request a pay raise diplomatically, and what to expect after you ask for a salary increase.

Salary Calculators


Interested to see how your salary compares? These salary calculators and surveys will help you find out salary information for your current job as well as positions you're interested in.

Wage and Salary Law

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Information on laws regulating wages and salary including holiday pay, minimum wage, overtime, comp time, exempt vs. non-exempt employees, and more wage and salary rules and laws.

More Compensation Information

More information on wages, salary, compensation and getting paid what you're worth.

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