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Job Interview Answer: What Has Been Your Greatest Accomplishment?


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When you are applying for a retail or customer service job a typical interview question is "What has been your greatest accomplishment?" It's important to relate what you've accomplished to the position you're applying for.

Here is a selection of sample answers you can use to respond to questions about what you have accomplished.

  • One day at my last position, a young girl came in with her mother looking for a prom dress. She was a little heavy, and very self conscious. There was a lot of tension between them, trying to choose something that would be flattering. I was able to help them find a perfect dress, and the accessories to go with it, and they were both just beaming when they left.
  • I was able to streamline the number of products that we needed to keep on our shelves by implementing a new inventory system, which allowed us to track more closely the number and type of items sold seasonally.
  • I increased the sales at my last position by 20% by organizing and rotating the stock on the selling floor regularly.

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