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Resume Career Summary

What to Include in a Resume Career Summary


Resume Career Summary
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A Career Summary section of a resume is an optional customized section of a resume that lists key achievements, skills, and experience relevant to the position for which you are applying.

The Career Summary section of your resume, also known as a Career Highlights, Career Profile or Summary of Qualifications, focuses on your relevant experience and lets the prospective employer know that you have taken the time to create a resume that shows how you are qualified for the job.

Sample Career Summaries

Dynamic entrepreneur who utilizes creativity, leadership and teamwork to design and execute solutions that create customer value. Effective communicator with ability to create marketing materials that convey value for both clients and end users.

Experienced professional with planning and organizational skills that balance work, team support and ad-hoc responsibilities in a timely and professional manner.

Business development executive with years of experience in technical sales, sales management, team leadership, and business growth and expansion. Proven ability to generate sales and revenue.

Experienced professional with a unique combination of technical expertise, managerial experience, business leadership, and design and production support to lead the delivery and implementation of mission-critical software systems.

Significant experience with AIX, HP/UX, Windows, VB.NET, C#, .NET Framework, C, C++, SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, and business systems.


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