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Resume Writing

Resume writing including how to write a resume, tips for writing a resume, resume formatting, styles, printing, tips, and techniques.
  1. How to Write a Resume (21)
  2. Resume Skills Lists
  3. Resume Writing Services (14)
  4. What to Include in a Resume (25)

Resume Writing Guidelines
Resume guidelines, including detailed information on what to include in a resume, fonts, margins, resume format, the sections of a resume, plus resume examples and templates.

Resume and Cover Letter Guide
Guide to writing resumes and cover letters, including samples.

Resume Formatting Guidelines
Resume formatting guidelines including selecting font size and style, spacing your resume, choosing paragraphs or bulleted lists for each section, including an objective or career summary, and more tips for formatting your resume.

How to Create a Professional Resume
Your resume needs to be professional and polished or it won't get a second glance from a hiring manager. Here's how to write a professional resume.

How to Make Your Resume Stand Out from the Crowd
Tips and advice for writing a resume that will stand out in a crowd of job applicants and get read by recruiters and hiring managers.

How to Write a Resume
Tips and advice on how to write a resume, including what to include on your resume and how to format your resume.

What to Include in a Resume
Need help compiling the information for your resume? Here are the sections that you need to include in a resume, along with the appropriate format and advice on what information include in each section.

Resume Tips: A - Z
Here are more than 60 tips for writing, formatting, emailing and uploading resumes that win job interviews.

Proofreading Tips for Job Seekers
The smallest typo on your resume, cover letter, or other application materials can prevent you from getting an interview. Here's how to proofread your job application materials so they are error free.

Career Summary
A career summary is an section of your resume that includes a brief overview of your experience, skills, and accomplishments targeted to the job you are applying for.

Resume Branding Statements
Information on resume branding statements, what they are, how to write a branding statement, plus examples.

Resume Headlines
Information on resume headlines (also known as resume titles), how to include one on your resume, plus examples.

Resume Objectives
Sample resume objective statements to use when resume writing.

Resume Keywords
Most companies use recruiting management software to screen candidates for job openings. Resume keywords are the words that those hiring managers search for when going through their database of resumes.

Resume Profile Examples
Resume profile examples for a variety of different jobs.

Resume Profiles
Information on using resume profiles and resume objectives, including which to use, how to write a resume profile, plus examples.

Resume Skills Section
The skills section of your resume includes your skills and abilities that are related to the jobs you are applying for.

Resume Summary Statement
A summary statement can be listed at the top of your resume. If you include a summary statement, it would include a brief list of the highlights of your candidacy.

Resume Writing Tips
New recruiting methods have added another layer of critical tips that job seekers should use when updating their resume.

Resume White Lies
Resume Little White Lies - Things you should know before you stretch the truth.

Sections of a Resume Examples
A resume is comprised of several sections including contact information, experience, education, skills, as well as optional sections like a resume...

How to Choose a Resume Writing Service
How to choose a resume writing service to assist with writing a resume and/or cover letters.

Federal Resume Writing
Applying for a federal job requires you to take a different approach and adhere to a different set of rules and techniques. Unlike private sector recruitment, the procedures followed in federal recruitment goes by certain criteria and rules.

Targeted Resume Writing
A targeted resume is customized so that it specifically highlights the experience you have that is relevant to the job you are applying for. Here's how to write a targeted resume.

Resume Writing Products
Need help with resume writing? Here are books and resume writing services that provide resume writing help, advice, suggestions, plus samples and examples for effective resume writing for all levels of job seekers from recent grads to experienced professionals.

Tips for Writing a Resume Skills Section
Tips on writing the skills section of your resume from a Microsoft staffing consultant.

Writing an Effective Resume - Free E-course
Employers usually only spend 30 seconds or so reviewing each resume, so, that first impression needs to be the one that counts. Sign up for our free class on writing a resume to ensure your resume is the one that gets the interview.

Writing Your First Resume
Resume writing tips and suggestions on how to write a resume for the first time.

Resumes and Cover Letters That Work!
Your resume is usually the first impression an employer will have of you - it needs to market your relevant skills, knowledge, and accomplishments. Employers usually only spend 30 seconds or so reviewing each resume, therefore, that first impression needs to be the one that counts.

Developing "WOW" Accomplishments for Your Resume
Guest Author Abby Locke discusses the importance of enhancing your resume with quantifiable accomplishments and takes you through some easy steps for developing accomplishment statements.

Thinking Outside the Book Resume Writing
How to think outside the resume writing book and create a resume that will get you the interview.

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