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Resume References

Providing References With a Resume or Job Application


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Are you listing your references properly?

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Reference List Example

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Some companies ask each job applicant to include a list of references with his resume or job application when applying or interviewing for a job. Unless the employer says otherwise, these resume references should be listed on a sheet of paper that is separate from the resume.

Resume References Page

A resume references page should have the same heading and font as one's resume for consistency. List the name, title, and contact information for each reference. Job applicants may also want to state how long they have known each contact, and in what capacity. If an employer asks for a list of references but doesn't state how many references, include three.

Here's a sample list of references to include with your resume if the employer asks for references with your job application. Also, here's more information on - and do's and don'ts - for including references with or on your resume.

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