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How to Include a Name Change on Your Resume

Name Changes on Resumes and Cover Letters


When your name has changed, due to marriage, divorce or another reason, there are a couple of options for including the change on your resume.

You can list both names on your resume. Either put your former name in parentheses or list both names, with your previous name in a smaller font:

Nancy (Smith) Simmonds
First (Maiden) Last


Nancy Simmonds
formerly Nancy Smith

With your cover letter, you can use your current name, or list your former name in parentheses like you did with your resume:

Nancy (Smith) Simmonds
First (Maiden) Last

You can do the same on job applications. What's important is consistency, so use your current legal name on all your application documents and hiring paperwork.

Don't worry about an employer having difficult checking your references or your work history because of the name change. You can let the prospective employer know that there are employment records in your former name.

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