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Teen Resume

Resume for a Teen Seeking a Part Time Job or Internship


USA, Washington State, Bellevue, Interlake High School
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The following resume is for a teenager seeking a part time job or a summer internship.

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Teen Resume Sample

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To obtain knowledge of the day-to-day work of a business through a part time job, summer internship and/or job shadowing experience.


Main St. High School, Philadelphia, PA
Selected Courses:
Early Childhood Development (2005) - Freshman Year
Urban Education (2006) - Sophomore Year
Urban Education - Psychology (2006-07) - Junior Year
Urban Education - Instructional Internship (2007-08) - Senior Year
Dance and Art Electives


  • Modeling Club (2005) MSHS
  • JROTC Drill Team (2005) MSHS
  • Drama Club (2005) MSHS
  • Cheerleading (2005-2008) MSHS

Volunteer Work and Job History:

Beacon Program, summer (2006)
Philadelphia, PA

Convenient Store, summer (2006)
Philadelphia, PA

Murray's Food Market (2006)
Philadelphia, PA

McDonald's Fast Food Restaurant (2007)
Philadelphia, PA

Boutique, summer (2007)
Philadelphia, PA

Skills and Languages:

  • Spanish - Beginners level
  • French - Beginners level
  • Communication skills
  • Experience in child caring - intermediate
  • Researching and resource skills

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