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Resume Worksheets

Resume Worksheets: Getting Started


Resume Worksheets

The key to filling out these worksheets is to be complete. Include even those experiences which may not, at first glance, seem related to your goals. At this stage, it is important for you to write detailed descriptions so you can analyze the worksheets for patterns of interest, favored tasks, and strengths.

Your Experience

When you write about any experience, try to recreate it so another person will be able to understand what you did and how you did it. Initially, it may be best to write, in paragraph form, all you can remember about your duties or the tasks you performed, the skills you used to perform those tasks, and your accomplishments. Later you can edit, clarify and prioritize.

Your Accomplishments

Trying to think of what was accomplished during a job, internship, or volunteer experience is sometimes difficult. You may want to note an aspect of the job of which you are proud, or something about the experience which simply made you feel good. For example, if you recognize abilities to put people at ease, command respect, be approached, and maintain strong relationships as common denominators in your experiences, you may choose to highlight listening, communication, or management skills on your resume in the hope of finding a job that will allow you to use the skills that come naturally to you.

Do not draw arbitrary distinctions between what does or does not constitute skills or work. Volunteer experiences, internships, classroom work, hobbies, and travel may be as valid as paid experiences if they support the case you are presenting. Later, you can decide which will provide the strongest evidence on your resume.

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