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Online Resume


Online Resume


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Definition: An online resume is a resume that is created and/or hosted online. Online resume builders provide a means to create a web-based version of a resume.

Online resumes are available on the web (a URL for the resume is created when the resume is created) and many online resumes can be exported to a variety of formats (Word, PDF, RTF, text, etc.) which can be emailed and printed to share with employers and networking contacts.

In addition, depending on your industry and career field an online creative resume can be a good tool to use to to highlight your skills and experience in a manner that is more visually appealing and engaging than a one or two-page traditional resume.

Here are free sites you can use to create online resumes:

Online Resume Builder Sites

Pronunciation: re-su-mé
Alternate Spellings: online résumé, online resumé
Mikalea used Optimal Resume to create an online resume to use to apply for jobs.
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