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Resources for Older Workers

Jobs and employment information for older workers.
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Job Search Tips for Older Workers
Job search tips, suggestions, and strategies for older workers.

How to Make Age an Asset When Job Searching
Many job searching Americans over 40 often encounter something they weren't looking for: a "gray ceiling." It's the career advancement barrier that many older workers face in a workplace seemingly dominated by young people.

How to Respond if an Interviewer Seems Concerned About Your Age
Interviewers aren't supposed to ask questions about your age, but it still can be an issue for older job seekers during an job interview. Here's how to respond if an interviewer seems concerned about your age.

Fashion Tips for Older Job Seekers
You can strategically write your resume and cover letter, but you can't change the basic facts - your actual age and your employment history are etched in stone. However, there are ways you can work on your appearance when you are job searching.

Interview Tips for Older Job Seekers
Tips and advice for successfully interviewing for older job seekers, including how to make experience an asset, what to wear, how to address age issues and how to stay positive.

Resume Tips for Older Job Seekers
Resume tips for older job seekers, including how to age proof and edit your resume, showcase your skills, and market your candidacy to employers.

Finding the Best Retirement Jobs
Tips for finding the best retirement jobs from the About.com Guide to Senior Living.

Experience Works
Nationwide staffing service specifically for mature workers.

Information and articles on senior employment.

Green Thumb
Mature and disadvantaged worker training.

Jobs and employment resources for older workers.

Jobs and careers for experienced workers.

Top Employers for Workers Over 50
The top employers for workers over 50 from the AARP.

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