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Reference Letter Sample - Law School


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Reference Letter Sample for Law School / Legal Employment

Recommendation for Jane Doe

I have worked very closely with Jane Doe both as a supervisor while she worked in the Career Office and as an advisor. During this time I have been very impressed by the dedicated manner with which Jane carried out her work assignments and pursued her academic coursework. Jane has displayed a maturity, motivational level and seriousness of purpose which I have rarely encountered during my extensive interactions with college students. Jane is very bright and has demonstrated an eagerness to learn. She is a quick study and has shown the ability to grasp general principles as well as subtle details.

Jane possesses many other qualities which I believe will make her a very successful student of the law. She is very well organized, approaches projects in a systematic way, and manages her time effectively. Gathering information and producing quality documents were instrumental to Jane's success while working in the Career Oervices. Ms. Doe possesses an excellent grasp for the English language and displayed effective writing and editing skills through her work.

In conclusion, Jane Doe is an outstanding young woman who has a very strong interest in studying the law. She has demonstrated the character and work ethic that I am confident will lead to success in her legal studies and subsequent legal career. Ms. Doe left ABCD College as a well respected student and solid member of the community. I recommend her without reservation for a spot in your incoming class of law students. Please feel free to contact me if you need further information.


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Director, Career Office

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