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Reference Letter for High School Student

Reference Letter for High School Student Example


The following is an example of a reference letter for employment written for a high school student seeking a job.

Sample Reference Letter for a High School Student

Dear Mr. Sullivan,

I understand that Mary Smith has applied for a job as receptionist at your B&B for the upcoming summer season. Mary has worked as a waitress in my restaurant for the past two years. She is a hard worker, always on time, and cheerful. I have been impressed with her ability to manage during hectic times, always remaining in control, and keeping the customers happy. She gets along well with her co-workers, as well as the management team.

Mary is a bright young woman, and I am sure that she will excel at whatever job she undertakes. I can enthusiastically recommend her for the position that you have open.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions. I can be reached at 555-111-1234 or anthony.white@mail.com


Anthony White

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