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Reference Request Letter Examples

Examples of letters requesting a reference from an employer, a colleague, or a contact at a company.

Reference Request Letter Samples
When you ask for reference, how you write your reference letter or email message request is important. These samples, both written and email, include the best ways to phrase your request and how to request permission to use someone as a reference.

Email Message Requesting a Reference Example
Email message example asking a former colleague or manager to provide a reference for you.

Email Reference Request Letter
Sample reference request letter to ask for a reference via email.

Email Requesting a Recommendation from a Professor
Example of an email message asking a college professor for a recommendation for employment.

Letter Sample Requesting Permission to Use a Reference
Letter sample requesting permission to use a reference.

Example of a Letter Requesting a Reference
Example of a letter requesting a reference from a mentor or an advisor.

Sample Reference Request Letter
Sample letter asking for a reference.

Sample Email Asking for a Reference
Sample email message asking for a reference.

Email Reference Request Rejection
Sample email rejecting someone's request for a reference for employment.

LinkedIn Reference Request Rejection
Sample LinkedIn message rejecting someone's request for a reference.

Reference Request Rejection Letter Sample
Sample letter rejecting someone's request for a reference.

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