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Online Practice Interviews


Online Practice Interviews
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Online practice interview programs provide job seekers with a pressure-free way to prepare and practice for upcoming job interviews. Some of these programs are very basic; users are given a series of random interview questions (either verbally or in writing) and type in answers. While these programs get users thinking about how to answer various questions, they do not allow users to practice verbalizing responses.

Focused Online Practice Interviews

More sophisticated interview practice programs allow users to select questions related to their particular career field or the type of interview for which they are preparing (i.e. behavioral interview, group interview, etc.). A pre-recorded video of a mock interviewer asks a series of questions; the user must then orally answer each question.

Sometimes users are given a time limit so they learn to answer questions concisely. The program will record these audio answers, or users may be able to record themselves via webcam. After the simulated interview, the user can review his recording, or email the file to a friend, family member, or career counselor for review.

Some programs even allow users to conduct live online interviews via webcam with actual career counselors. The interviewer records the interview and then critiques the user's performance.

Benefits of Practice Interviews

Online practice interviews familiarize users with the interview process and allow users to practice answering common interview questions with confidence. Webcam practice interviews are particularly helpful in that you can review not only your answers, but your body language, eye contact, and interview attire.

Fee Based Interview Programs

Be aware, however, that many of these online practice interview programs cost money, particularly the programs that record your interview or involve actual career counselors. Thoroughly review any online practice interview program; make sure the program offers what you want at a cost that fits your budget.

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