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A portfolio provides a way for job seekers to provide evidence of candidacy for employment such as a resume, artwork, reports, lesson plans, transcripts, and certifications. Here's what to include in your portfolio, how to create a portfolio, and portfolio samples.

Creating Portfolios
An online portfolio provides a way to reveal your credentials to the world. It allows you to package the best evidence of your candidacy for employment such as your resume, artwork, reports, lesson plans, transcripts, certifications, articles, letters, and more.

1-Page Job Proposal
The 1-Page Job Proposal is a document that job seekers can create to pitch their candidacy for employment to hiring managers and recruiters.

Graphic Design Portfolios
Graphic design portfolios should be more than just a few samples thrown into a folder. Potential employers or clients use examples of your work to help determine whether they want to hire you. The samples you choose to display and how you present them can affect whether or not you get the job.

Sample Art Portfolios
Sample art and photography portfolios.

Professional Employment Portfolios
What to include in your porfolio, how to construct a portfolio and how to create an electronic portfolio.

Online porfolio site for artists (free).

Nontraditional Resumes
Here's what you need to know about nontraditional resumes, when you need more than a traditional resume, the pros and cons of using nontraditional resumes to supplement your paper resume and examples of a variety of types of online resumes.

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