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Job Interview Answer: Activities That Would Prevent You From Working?


Job Interview Answer: Activities That Would Prevent You From Working?
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Employers want to know, especially with part time employees who have other commitments, whether you will be able to work your scheduled hours. The interview question "Do you have any activities that would prevent you from working your schedule?" a way to verify that you have the time to commit.

It's important to be be honest about what your availability is. If you have activities what come up suddenly - a commitment as a substitute teacher or bus driver for example, you should be honest about that. Otherwise, this is an opportunity to show that you plan things well in advance.

Sample Answers

  • I participate every year in a 10K run to raise money for my favorite charity, but I'll know the date well in advance, and would let you know I need that day off.
  • I'm on the crew team at school, but our practices are typically early in the morning or later in the day, so they shouldn't impact my schedule.
  • I spend a week during the winter vacationing with my family in Florida every year, but I can schedule that based on the busy times at work.
  • I volunteer at the hospital every Saturday morning from 9 am - noon, other than that my schedule is flexible.

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