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Twitter Job Search Tips

Tips for Job Searching on Twitter


Twitter Job Search Tips
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When you're seeking employment, Twitter can be an effective part of your job search strategy. Used in conjunction with LinkedIn, job search engines, and other job sites, Twitter can help you make connections, find job listings, and build a personal brand that will help boost your career and expedite your job search.

What's the best way to use Twitter to job search, without getting bogged down in tons of tweets? Gary Zukowski, CEO and founder of TweetMyJOBS, the largest Twitter job board, share his top tips for using Twitter to job search.

  • Put your "elevator pitch" in your bio.
  • Use a professional avatar.
  • Have a custom background giving more detail about your qualifications.
  • Have a link to your online resume (tools like VisualCV can help).
  • Follow industry experts in your industry on Twitter. Tools like Twellow.com can help.
  • Establish yourself as an expert in your industry. Use your status updates to tweet about industry topics, tips, advice. You don’t have to create all the content. You just need to be viewed as someone “in the know”.
  • Get targeted job tweets sent to your Twitter feed or mobile phone.
  • Be consistent on image throughout all your online platforms (e.g. LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.)

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