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Job Interview Answer: What is Your Greatest Strength


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When you are applying for an administrative / office position a typical job interview question is "What is your greatest strength and how will it help your performance in this position?"

Here are sample interview answers which you can edit to fit your personal experiences and background:

  • My organizational skill is one of my greatest strengths. In my previous administrative assistant position, I restructured the office filing system to make it easier to access client charts and information quickly and efficiently. This experience will enhance my performance in this position because I'm able to keep things organized and neat, which means I get more tasks completed in a shorter amount of time.
  • My ability to work with many different people. I enjoy learning from everyone I meet, and in this position I believe that will enhance my ability to perform on the team.
  • My greatest strength is my ability to focus on my work. I'm not easily distracted, and this means that my performance is very high, even in a busy office like this one.

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