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Job Interview Answer: What Computer Skills Do You Have and What Programs Are You


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When you are applying for an administrative / office position a typical job interview question is "What computer skills do you have and what programs are you comfortable using?"

The most common software currently being used for office work is word processing software like Microsoft Word, spread sheet software like Microsoft Excel, and presentation software like Microsoft Power Point. It's important to refresh your skills with these basic programs.

Depending on the field the office is in, they may have specialized software that works specifically for them. You should research what they are using ahead of time if at all possible. Also, if you have specific experience with a specialized program, be sure to mention it.

Sample Answers

  • I'm proficient with Microsoft Word, Excel, and Power Point. I'm very comfortable using these programs and have a lot of experience doing so. I'm interested in learning how to use any other programs as well.
  • I'm very comfortable using computers and am confident in my ability to learn any new programs quickly.

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