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Types of Nontraditional Resumes


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Types of Nontraditional Resumes
Types of Nontraditional Resumes
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Have you considered using more than just a paper resume to enhance your job search? Depending on the type of job you are seeking a nontraditional resume can be a good way to make a great impression.

Some nontraditional resumes look like an online version of your resume. For example, a LinkedIn profile can be created to look just like a traditional resume and you can print out a PDF version so you have a hard copy.

Other nontraditional resume types include infographics and portfolios, which are visual representations of your skills and experience, video resumes where you use video to personally highlight your experience and skills, and personalized websites and blogs designed to showcase your candidacy for employment.

Check out the various types of nontraditional resumes you can use to see if one - or more - of them are worth adding to your arsenal of job search materials.

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