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Gen Y Job Search Tips: Social Media Tips for Generation Y Job Seekers

How to Use Social Media to Enhance Your Resume and Boost Your Job Search


Gen Y Job Search Tips: Social Media Tips for Generation Y Job Seekers

Gen Y Social Media Job Search Tips

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Of all the generations of job seekers - from teens to seniors - job searching today, Gen Y is probably most familiar with social media. Generation Y is the age group that uses Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other social media sites most effectively, at least in their personal lives.

How about when it comes to job searching and your professional life though? Are you using social media as effectively as possible to enhance your resume and boost your job search?

Alhan Keser, Chief Marketing Officer, Blue Fountain Media, shares his tips and advice for getting the most out of social media when your job searching.

Top 10 Social Media Tips for Job Seekers

  • Gain a significant number of followers on Twitter. Although this is not the end-all of what Twitter is about, it is good to show that you have clout or influence in social networks. Anything under 500 followers can be considered mediocre, whereas over 3,000 is significant.
  • Engage in Twitter conversations with influencers in your industry. It is good to see exchanges between you and a prominent figure in your industry on Twitter.
  • Leave high-value comments on relevant blogs that invite responses.
  • Become the mayor of a high value locations on Foursquare - say for example the coffee shop below the building you want to work in one day and leave tips that are of value. It couldn't hurt. As Foursquare becomes more popular, you never know who may be looking at your profile while they sip a coffee.
  • Write guest blog posts on relevant blogs.
  • Get your own blog mentioned on another industry blog.
  • Post a video to YouTube that gets over 100,000 views.
  • Write a blog post that gets over 100 retweets.
  • Lead group conversations on LinkedIn.
  • Join (and attend) Meetups that are relevant. This is the most likely place you will find your next job.

Social Media Resume Tips

Social media is a new medium of participation, which the old fashioned resume isn't typically well suited for containing. Keser suggests Gen Y job seekers "Find creative ways of demonstrating your social media activity. You may need to reference notable Twitter conversations via screenshots."

Another option he recommends is creating a list of numbers under a heading labeled social media statistics:

  • Twitter followers
  • FourSquare badges, mayorships
  • RSS Feed Subscribers (of your personal blog)
  • Guest Blog Posts written
  • Facebook Friends
  • LinkedIn Connections

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