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How to Use LinkedIn to Job Search


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LinkedIn is where companies want to be when they are hiring. Hundreds of companies are using LinkedIn's Corporate Solutions and many more hiring managers and recruiters are using LinkedIn to post jobs and source candidates for employment. That's good news for job seekers, because you can use your LinkedIn connections to help find a job.

How can you ensure that you're using the full power of LinkedIn to assist with your search for a new job? It's important to take the time to build your LinkedIn profile, to add to your connections, and to effectively use your connections to help with your job search. It's also important to help your connections, too, when you can - it works both ways.

Complete and Update Your Profile
The more complete your LinkedIn profile, the more chances you will have to be found and to be contacted. Use your LinkedIn profile like a resume and provide prospective employers with detailed information on your skills and experience.

Get and Use Connections
The more connections you have, the better your chances of having a connection who can help with your job search. When you're applying for jobs, be sure to use the connections you have. Someone who is employed at the company or has connections there, will be able to help your candidacy for employment. On the flip side, be willing to help your connections when they need your advice and referrals.

Job Search Options
You can search for jobs on LinkedIn by keyword, country, and postal code. Use the Advanced Search Option to refine your search and to search by location, miles from a location, experience level, company, job title, job function, salary, industry, and date posted. Here's how to search for and apply for jobs on LinkedIn.

Use Recommendations and Referrals
If the job is listed directly on LinkedIn, you'll see how you're connected to the hiring manager and you can apply online and/or request a referral from a contact. If you request a referral, LinkedIn will provide you with a template you can use for your message. You can edit the message so it's personalized.

Some employers prefer that candidates have LinkedIn recommendations (LinkedIn will show you the number of recommendations you have below the requirements). Employers may also prefer referrals through the LinkedIn network. Follow the instructions in the job posting to optimize your chances of securing an interview.

LinkedIn Company Profiles
LinkedIn company profiles are a good way to find, at a glance, more information on a company you're interested in. You'll be able see your connections at the company, new hires, promotions, jobs posted, related companies, and company statistics.

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