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WriteExpress Letter Writing Software

WriteExpress Letter Writing Software Review

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hen you need assistance writing letters, WriteExpress software can help you create professional employment-related letters, including cover letters, application letters, thank you letters, resignation letters, and general job search letters.

WriteExpress - Easy Letters

After you download the software ($19.99) you can access the letters directly from Microsoft Word. The software was easy to install and simple to use. You can mix and match phrases or sentences or use a full pre-written letter to create your own personalized letter.

There are a variety of letters available including acceptance letters, application letters, advice letters, recommendation letters, cover letters, thank you letters, resignation letters, and other general and employment-related letters.

In all, there are 2200 letters, 11,000 sentences, and 39,000 phrases you can use to compile a letter.

WriteExpress - 3001 Business and Sales Letters

The Easy Letters software has plenty of letters for job seekers. However, if, for example, you're in sales or have your own business, this version of the software include an additional 900+ sales letters.

WriteExpress - 4001 Business, Sales, and Personal Letters

This version of WriteExpress includes additional cover leters, acceptance letters, and recommendation letters.

How to Use The Templates

To access the WriteExpress letters, click on the Word 2007 Add-Ins Tab or Click on the Tools Menu in other versions of Microsoft Word.

Options include copying an entire pre-written letter into Word that you can edit, or choosing sentences or phrases to include in a letter you write.

Highlight the letter, sentence, or phrase you wish to include then Click on Insert to access the letter in Microsoft Word.

I thought the process was a little unwieldly, because I had to remember to select only the letter I wanted, but overall it worked well.

Remember to personalize your letter so it fits your situation, and include your contact information. Then, be sure to spellcheck before you send or upload your letter. Software like this is a tool you can use to help with your correspondence, but it's up to you to make sure it's perfect!

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