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Sample Employment Letters

Examples of Letters and Email Messages for Job Searching


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Review sample employment-related letters for just about any situation, including asking for a reference, resigning, accepting or rejecting a job, requesting help from a networking contact, and saying thank you for an interview or for job search assistance.

Sample Employment Letters

Letter and Email Examples A - Z
Here's a list of a variety of different types of letters and email messages with examples of each including appreciation letters, cover letters, job application letters, employee letters, reference and referral letters, thank you letters, and more letter examples and templates.

Job Letter Samples
Do you need to reject a job offer or accept one? How about withdrawing your application for the position or making a counter offer? Here are a variety of employment-related letters you can edit to fit your circumstances.

Letter Templates
Letter templates for applying for jobs including cover letter templates, resignation letter templates, thank you letter templates, and other job search related letter templates.

Follow Up Letter Samples
Follow up letters to send after an interview, and to follow up on a resume or a job application you have submitted.

Reference Letters
Character, reference and recommendation letters, sample recommendation letters, using references, background checks and related resources.

Resignation Letters
Resignation letters, retirement letters, how to say farewell to your co-workers, information on the best way to resign, how to write a resignation letter, and resignation letter samples.

Thank You Letters
Thank you letters for job interviews and career assistance, including how to write a thank you letter, who to thank, how to send your thank you letters, and sample thank you letters.

Absence Letters
Employees may need to provide an excuse letter when they miss time from work to interview or for other reasons. You may need to request a leave of absence in writing. These sample excuse letters can be edited to fit your personal circumstances.

Please Note: These samples are provided for guidance only. The provided information, including samples and examples, is not guaranteed for accuracy or legality. Letters and other correspondence should be edited to fit your personal situation.

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