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List of Minimum Wage Rates for 2013

Federal and State Minimum Wage Rates for 2013


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Minimum Wage for 2014: Minimum Wage Rates 2014

The following is a list of minimum wage rates for each state for 2013. Please note that some employees are exempt from minimum wage requirements and others can be paid at a lower rate than minimum wage.

The current federal minimum wage is $7.25 per hour, however some states have a higher minimum wage rate. When the state minimum wage rate is higher than the federal rate, workers are paid the higher amount.

Minimum Wage Rates for 2013 Listed by State

Alabama: $7.25
Alaska: $7.75
Arizona: $7.80
Arkansas: $7.25
California: $8.00
Colorado: $7.78
Connecticut: $8.25
Delaware: $7.25
Florida: $7.79
Georgia: $7.25
Hawaii: $7.25
Idaho: $7.25
Illinois: $8.25
Indiana: $7.25
Iowa: $7.25
Kansas: $7.25
Kentucky: $7.25
Louisiana: $7.25
Maine: $7.50
Maryland: $7.25
Massachusetts: $8.00
Michigan: $7.40
Minnesota: $6.15
Missouri: $7.35
Mississippi: $7.25
Montana: $7.80
North Carolina: $7.25
North Dakota: $7.25
Nebraska: $7.25
New Hampshire: $7.25
New Jersey: $7.25
New Mexico: $7.50
Nevada: $7.25 for employees who receive qualifying health benefits, $8.25 for employees who do not receive qualifying health benefits.
New York: $7.25, $8.00 effective 12/31/13
North Carolina: $7.25
Ohio: $7.85
Oklahoma: $7.25
Oregon: $8.95
Pennsylvania: $7.25
Puerto Rico: $7.25
Rhode Island: $7.75
South Carolina: $7.25
South Dakota: $7.25
Tennessee: $7.25
Texas: $7.25
Utah: $7.25
Virginia: $7.25
Vermont: $8.60
Washington: $9.19
West Virginia: $7.25
Wisconsin: $7.25
Wyoming: $7.25

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