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LinkedIn Groups
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LinkedIn Groups are a good way to stay informed and keep in touch with people that share your interests and goals.

Types of LinkedIn Groups

Once you have signed up for LinkedIn, there are many LinkedIn Groups you can join – job search groups, company groups, alumni groups, college groups, and networking groups. Groups are good sources of networking contacts, job search advice, and job listings.

Some LinkedIn Groups are open - anyone can join and the discussions may be public. Others are private and your request to join will need to be approved by a Group Manager. With private groups, you'll need to be affiliated with the group to become a member. Discussions aren't public and are only viewable by group members.

How to Find LinkedIn Groups to Join

To find LinkedIn groups, check to see if there are groups for the college(s) you attended and companies you have worked at by searching for the name of the school or organization. Then search groups to see if there are other groups that might be useful.

  • Click on Groups
  • Click on Groups Directory
  • Search by keyword and/or select a Category to see groups listed in that category.

You can also click on "Groups You May Like" to get group recommendations from LinkedIn.

Get Group News and Updates

When you join a LinkedIn group, you'll be able to sign up to receive email notifications and announcements. You'll be able to receive advice and new jobs posted to the Jobs section of your groups.

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