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LinkedIn Company Follow

How to Use LinkedIn Company Follow


LinkedIn Company Follow
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LinkedIn's Company Follow is a tool job seekers can use for researching companies and for seeing who they are connected with at companies where they would like to work. Those connections can help you with company research and with recommending you for employment with the company.

When you follow a company, you'll see blog posts, jobs, company news, corporate twitter feeds and more company updates.

You will be able to see your first and second degree connections while researching the company, as well as more information on the daily activity of that company on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Company Career Tab

In addition, there's a Career Tab for both companies and professionals. Job seekers can click on the tab to visit company pages to find out more about companies and about available job opportunities at the company.

For example, if you take a look at the LinkedIn Company Page you'll see how you're connected to LinkedIn, jobs (currently over 100) that you might be interested in, and insight into employees who work at LinkedIn.

How to Follow a Company On LinkedIn

  • Sign in to LinkedIn (you'll need to register)
  • Click on Companies
  • Search by Company Name, Keyword, or Location
  • Click on the Company Page

Then, to follow companies you have an interest in and to get the latest updates, click the star icon at the top right of the company page.

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