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How to use LinkedIn to grow your career, build a network of contacts, and job search. Includes guidelines for invitations and messages and tips for using LinkedIn effectively.
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What is LinkedIn
LinkedIn is the leading online professional directory of individuals and companies. Individuals use LinkedIn for professional networking, connecting, and job searching. Companies use LinkedIn for recruiting and for providing company information to prospective employees.

LinkedIn Sign Up and Login
In order to login to LinkedIn, you'll first need to sign up to join LinkedIn. It's free to sign up to create a LinkedIn account. Here's how to sign up for and login to LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Profile Tips
One of the most important parts of LinkedIn is your profile. That's what you use to connect with people in your network and your profile is how you get found on LinkedIn, because it contains information about your skills and experience. Here are tips for how to make your LinkedIn profile stand out from the crowd.

How to Use LinkedIn
Suggestions and tips for using LinkedIn to help with job searching and building your career.

How to Use LinkedIn to Job Search
How can you ensure that you're using the full power of LinkedIn to assist with your search for a new job? It's important to effectively use your connections and to use the information available on LinkedIn when you're applying for jobs.

How to Apply for a Job on LinkedIn
Step by step instructions for how to search and apply for jobs on LinkedIn.

Is LinkedIn a Waste of Time?
Is LinkedIn a waste of time? Some people think so, others recommend it as the best site for professional networking and for job hunting.

Is it Acceptable to Contact Someone Who Viewed Your LinkedIn Profile?
Advice on whether you should contact people who viewed your LinkedIn profile, when to connect and what to say in your message.

LinkedIn Invitation and Message Guidelines
Advice on sending LinkedIn messages including the best ways to invite people to connect with you, what to include and how to format your messages, and more guidelines for messaging on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Profile Examples
Your LinkedIn profile can be more than just words on a page. Here are examples of LinkedIn profiles including visual media, plus tips for how showcase your accomplishments.

LinkedIn Tips: A - Z
A - Z list of tips for using LinkedIn for job hunting and career networking.

Top 10 Tips for Using LinkedIn
The top 10 tips for using LinkedIn including how to get started and instructions on how to use LinkedIn's features and tools for job searching.

Use Your LinkedIn Profile as a Resume
How to use your LinkedIn profile to increase your visibility, so employers and recruiters can find you.

About Job Search LinkedIn Group
About Job Search LinkedIn Group: Career and job searching advice, including job search advice, online networking and social media strategies, and professional branding and career resources.

How to Get a LinkedIn Button
Here's how to get a LinkedIn button and add it to your email signature or online.

How to Stop LinkedIn Emails
How to stop or reduce the amount of email you get from LinkedIn.

How to See Who Viewed Your LinkedIn Profile
Step by step instructions for adjusting your settings to see who has viewed your LinkedIn profile.

How to Stop LinkedIn Invitations
Step by step instructions for limiting who can send you LinkedIn invitations.

How to Reject a Recommendation Request
Here's how to politely decline a request for a reference, plus sample letters and email messages to decline requests for references and recommendation letters.

How to Use LinkedIn Groups
How to use LinkedIn groups, including how to find groups, how to join, how to post and how to manage the email notifications you receive from LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Alumni Tool
Information on the LinkedIn alumni tool and how to use it.

Linkedin - Español
LinkedIn la red profesional líder está disponible en español. Job seekers use professional networking site LinkedIn for networking, job searching, company research, and connecting with other individuals and companies. LinkedIn is available in Spanish (en Español) as well as in a selection of other languages.

LinkedIn and Your Job Search
How to use LinkedIn as part of your job search, including how to increase your visibility and connections, so employers and recruiters can find you.

LinkedIn Endorsements
Information on LinkedIn endorsements, including what they are, how to get them and how to turn them off so they don't show on your profile.

LinkedIn Company Follow
LinkedIn's Company Follow is a tool job seekers can use for researching companies and for seeing who they are connected with at companies where they would like to work. Those connection can help you with company research and with recommending you for employment with the company.

LinkedIn Directory
LinkedIn is a directory of professionals and companies. Individuals and companies use LinkedIn for networking, job searching, hiring, company research, and connecting with affiliates, including alumni, industry, and a variety of other business related groups.

LinkedIn Groups
LinkedIn Groups are a good way to stay informed and keep in touch with people that share your interests and goals.

LinkedIn Recommendations
Here's advice on how to get LinkedIn recommendations, who to ask for references, and how to manage the recommendations you've received.

LinkedIn Professional Networking
LinkedIn is an online directory of professionals and companies. Individuals and companies use LinkedIn for professional networking. LinkedIn has over 80 million members in more than 200 countries, including executives from all Fortune 500 companies.

Linkedin Languages
LinkedIn is the leading professional networking site and it is available in a selection of languages including español, français, italiano, deutsch, português, and english. Here's how to select a language to use on on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn University Pages
Information on LinkedIn University Pages and how to use them.

LinkedIn Success Stories
LinkedIn job search success stories.

SimplyHired.com amd LinkedIn.com - Who Do I Know?
Job seekers can see who they know when they use job SimplyHired.com's application that lets users see who they are connected with - in real time - on LinkedIn.

Using LinkedIn to Supercharge Your Job Search
When it comes to landing your next job, it’s all about your network. The better you are at making and nurturing your connections online and in person, the more likely you are to find a new opportunity that is right for you. Here's how to use LinkedIn to supercharge your job search.

Top 10 Words Not to Include in Your LinkedIn Profile
Here is LinkedIn's 2013 list of the top 10 buzzwords that are overused by professionals in the United States.

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