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Babysitting Jobs

How to Find a Babysitting Job


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Interested in finding a babysitting job? Babysitting jobs are available on both a full-time and a part-time basis. Part-time babysitting jobs can include flexible positions based on when the parents are going out, before and/or after school positions, summer jobs, and weekend jobs.

Babysitting jobs are available for high school and college students, for stay-at-home parents who want to earn extra income, as well as for older adults who provide babysitting services.

Many babysitting jobs aren't advertised, so your fist step if you're interested in a position is to let everyone know you're available for babysitting.

Here are some tips for finding a babysitting job (or jobs):

Network. Let your friends and family know you're available for babysitting. Ask your parents to tell their friends, as well. If there are families with young children in your neighborhood, knock on the door and introduce yourself!

Get a Referral. Do you know someone who's graduating from school and going to college? If they have a babysitting job, ask if they can recommend you to the family. My daughter found an after school (and full-time summer) babysitting job that way and recommended one of her younger friends to take over when she went to college.

Get More Referrals. Are you already babysitting but would like more work? Ask your current clients if they know anyone else who needs a babysitter.

Check With Your School. Check with your school guidance office or college career office to see if they have a list of babysitting jobs or if they have a list of babysitters you can be included on.

Advertise. Put an ad in your local paper.

Check the Help Wanted Ads. Check the Help Wanted section of the newspaper and ad digests.

Make Flyers. Make flyers to put up at schools, pre-schools, community centers, coffee shops, gyms, and the library (make sure you get permission to post).

Check Bulletin Boards. Look on bulletin boards in coffee shops, community centers, gyms, and the library.

Find Mom's Groups. Seek out Mom's Clubs and Church groups, and pass out flyers.

Check Out the Family Before You Accept a Job

Just remember to use caution when meeting people you don't know. Ask for references, including people who have worked for the family in the past, and call or email to check them.

A good idea when meeting a family for the first time is to suggest meeting at a library or playground. That way, the children will be more at ease, and you can get to know the family on neutral territory.

Another option is to bring a family member or friend with you to meet the parents and the children you'll be babysitting.

Pay for Babysitting Jobs

Rates for babysitting jobs vary widely depending on experience and whether the job is part-time or full-time. The person who is hiring you may have a set rate they are willing to pay or may ask you what you charge.

If it's the latter, check around to see what your friends are making before you quote a price. You don't want to undercharge or overcharge and price yourself out of a job.

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