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5 Places Teens Should Look for Summer Employment

Where Teens Can Find Summer Jobs


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Due to their lack of experience, teens often encounter challenges while searching for summer jobs. And this year it’s only going to be worse, so start early with this list of five places where teens should look for the perfect summer job.

Five Places Teens Should Look for Summer Employment

1. Golf Courses. Golf courses are everywhere and have a huge need for seasonal employment. Caddying, landscaping and working in the gift shop or restaurant are some opportunities available to teens.

2. Offices. Whether it’s helping to answer phones, filing or doing paperwork, there is always a lot going on in an office for a smart and responsible teen to do. Working in an office also provides teens with the chance to learn about being in a professional workplace.

3. Museums and Other Cultural Institutions. Summer is the time for big shows and large crowds. Museums are always looking for energetic, enthusiastic and affordable help. Teens provide the perfect fit for these unique opportunities.

4. Restaurants. Because of high turnover, the restaurant industry is always hiring. Working in a restaurant setting provides teens with a skill set that can be transferable to other jobs as well as provide valuable life lessons.

5. Volunteer. Although volunteering does not provide a salary, it offers a great way to make an impact on the community. Volunteering enables teenagers to develop skills, network, and strengthen their resumes so they can have a more fulfilling job search the next summer.

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