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Weekend Jobs

How to Search for Weekend Jobs


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When you would prefer a weekend schedule, you're in school during the week, you need a second job, or there's another reason you would like to find a weekend job, you can use the job search engines to find jobs where you only work on weekends. Most employers include the hours/days in the job posting so you can search specifically for weekend jobs.

The job search engines are a good source of weekend job listings. When you use the Advanced Search options you'll be able to search by type of position and narrow the results to include only weekend jobs listings. Here's how to search for weekend jobs on the top job search engines.

Search for Weekend Jobs on Indeed.com:

  • Use Indeed.com's main search page to search by keyword "weekend" and your location.
  • Or, click on Advanced Job Search or go directly to Indeed.com's Advanced Job Search page.
  • Select a Location.
  • Add Keywords: weekend.
  • Click Find Jobs.

Search for Weekend Jobs on LinkUp.com:

  • Click on Advanced or go directly to LinkUp.com's Advanced page.
  • Enter "weekend" in the keyword box.
  • Enter your zip code.
  • Select job tags if you are interested in a specific type of position.
  • Click Search Jobs.

Search for Weekend Jobs on SimplyHired.com:

  • Enter "weekend" as a keyword and your location (city, state or zip code) on SimplyHired.com
  • Click on Search All Jobs.

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