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Use the Holidays to Boost Your Career

Holiday Season Career Tips and Advice


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Even though the holiday season is typically a time when hiring slows down, you can, at best, use the holiday season to boost your career or, at least, avoid holiday office gaffes.

Whether it's taking advantage of less competition for available jobs, spending time on career planning, surviving the holiday season, navigating holiday office etiquette, or dealing with the stress the holidays can bring, here's holiday season advice from About.com's Career Guides.

Avoid Office Party Gaffes
The office party during the holidays or any other time of the year is a key professional opportunity to mingle casually with coworkers, impress bosses, and get to know people you don’t see every day. Unfortunately, the office party is also a prime opportunity to ruin your professional reputation. These common office party blunders, from About.com Guide to Human Resources, Susan Heathfield, could cost you your career.

Deal With the Holiday Season at Work
The holiday season can be a very tricky time in the workplace. There are holiday parties, gift giving, overeating, and holiday celebrations that could get in the way of normal work activities. Here are some rules you can follow to help you deal with the holiday season at work from About.com Guide to Career Planning, Dawn Rosenberg McKay.

Don't Believe Holiday Job Search Myths
During this holiday season, you enjoy reduced competition for jobs and easier access to decision makers who are actually in the office. Fall trade shows are over and holiday vacations have yet to kick in. Here's more from Susan Heathfield, About.com Guide to Human Resources.

Explore Careers
The holidays are a great time for college students to get a jumpstart on looking for summer internships and jobs. Seniors can use this time to begin the job search process; and students can use this time to search for job shadowing and internship opportunities they can participate in during winter break. Penny Loretto, About.com's Internship Guide, explains what college students can do over the holidays to make their future internship/job search more successful.

Gift the Boss or a Special Coworker
It’s an age-old dilemma and it comes up several times each year. What do you do for that special boss or coworker on their birthday, their company anniversary, their engagement, the birth of their child, or to celebrate the holiday season. Gift-giving occasions are endless – and endlessly challenging. Here's advice from Susan Heathfield, About.com Guide to Human Resources.

Give Nice But Cheap Gifts This Holiday Season
This is a tough economy, especially if you're out of work, and it can take more time and effort to find perfect, cheap gifts for everyone on your list. But you may find that the recipients are just as happy - or more so - with cheap gifts this holiday season. Here are 6 ways to save money from Katherine Lewis, About.com Guide to Working Moms.

Give Your Job Search a Holiday Boost
If your plan is to wait until the holidays are over to really jump start your job search, think again. The holidays are actually a great time to hunt for a new job. Here are some helpful tips for boosting your job search from About.com Guide to Job Searching, Alison Doyle.

Holiday Career Tips
Whether you’re in school, job hunting or seeking to advance your career, the holidays bring unique challenges and opportunities. Rather than putting career development activities on hiatus during the holidays, you should leverage this time of year to your career advantage. Here are five ways to use the holidays to boost your career from About.com Guide to Legal Careers, Sally Kane.

Learn About Holiday Season Hiring
While job hunts during the holidays can be productive, note that your start date might have to wait until the new year, if the company or department in question has hit budgetary constraints for the current year. Mark Kolakowski, our Financial Careers Guide, offers some useful background.

Manage Holiday Season Stress
Because the holidays are an especially stressful time in people's personal lives, it can compound the fact that many healthcare jobs are highly stressful. If you're feeling overwhelmed around the holidays, here are a few tips for managing and preventing job-related stress from About.com Guide to Health Careers, Andrea Santiago.

Network at Holiday Parties
The holiday season provides a perfect opportunity for job search networking. Even if you're out of work and out of holiday cheer, it's important not to miss out on any opportunities to meet people who can help you find a job. Here's how to networking your way to success from About.com Guide to Job Searching, Alison Doyle.

Pace Yourself This Holiday Season
The holiday season can be a blur of parties, shopping, and stress. The key to surviving the holiday season is pacing. You'll never make it the entire holiday season - from Thanksgiving to New Year's Eve - unless you banish guilt, learn to say no, and enlist help. Here's how from About.com Guide to Working Moms, Katherine Lewis.

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