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Job Scam Examples

Typical Job Search Scams


In general, if a job says that you can earn a lot of money in a hurry with no experience or skills necessary, the chances are good that it's not going to happen. The same holds true if there are fees for information, kits, or anything else. All of those are warning signs to watch for when job searching.

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Job Scam Examples

U.S. Postal Service Scams
GL Hoffman, Executive Chairman of JobDig notes that, "Some of the worst and most insidious examples are the recruitment ads for open positions in the U.S. Postal Service. These ads run online and in daily and weekly jobs papers every week across the country, and when someone calls the phone number, they are asked to send a fee, usually $24.99, for a test-prep kit or an application that one could obtain for free on a federal government web site but it's sold as essentially a requirement for getting the job or being considered as a candidate."
Scam Details: All the employment information you need to apply for a Postal Service job, including employment information, career opportunities and exam information, is available in the employment section of the USPS web site. Here's more information on USPS jobs and how to apply for a job with the Postal Service.

Fake Job Scams
After you respond to a job posting via email, you are asked to fill out a form on another page in order to prove that you are not spamming them. That site is typically a pitch for a marketing or work at home scheme or a site selling something.
Scam Details: This scam has been mentioned a lot in reference to Craigslist, but that's certainly not the only site where you'll find them. A warning sign is having to click on another site and submit information, rather than being able to apply for the job.

We Made a Mistake
You're told you have been hired and will be paid a weekly salary for an online marketing job. Then, the company sends another email saying that there was a mistake and they had accidentally sent four times the amount of your paycheck. You're told to wire the rest of the money to someone else when you receive the check.
Scam Details: These types of scams are a way to get you to send money to a third party. The check they send will bounce and you'll be out the amount you wired. In some cases, there will also be an attempt to get your bank account information.

Bank of XXX Earn $100 a Day
Seeking a temporary currency supporter since I`m unavailable visiting relatives in France. It´s a quite simple job. I´m able to transfer upfront, daily amounts of $1000. All you have to do is withdraw and send to one of our exchangers. Remember that you get to keep 10% for yourself, regardless of any fees. If you are wondering why I can´t do it myself, it is simply due to my current unavailability.
Scam Details: These types of scams are usually either money laundering or a way to attempt to get your bank account information.

Various Job Titles
Supply company currently starting persons for Sales, Customer Service, and Office Administration. Management opportunities for those who qualify. No experience needed, training provided. $400 - $1000 Weekly. 10 positions left. Hurry! Call now!!
Scam Details: Positions like this are listed on multiple job sites with varous job titles include sales, customer service, office position, etc. There is no company name, web address, location, or anything else other than a phone number.

Part Time / Full Time
Earn $100 or $10K or more a month. Easy work from home position.
Scam Details: You can find ads like this almost everywhere, this ad had a disclaimer in a tiny font at the bottom of the page which said there is risk involved and you might not do as well. Most of them don't even say that.

Managers Needed
We are seeking individuals who really are ready to change their lives, join an award winning team, and work consistently part time or full time with me to become independently wealthy in the next 12 months. No experience necessary. Will train.
Scam Details: When contacted the company attempts to sell a kit to get you started, which is a typical employment scam.

Unsolicited Email Job Posting
This email job posting offers a work at home part time position as a Regional Manager. The job includes processing payments between the partners' clients and the company.
Scam Details: This job posting was full of red flags. It was an unsolicited email message - I hadn't applied for the job or posted my resume. The message wasn't addressed to me and the return address was a personal email address, not a company one. When I Googled the company name the top results were all on scam warning sites. In addition, processing payments is another typical scam designed to collect your bank account information.
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Disclaimer: You may see advertisements for jobs that aren't legitimate on this page, because that's the topic of the page. Just because you see an ad or a site listed here, that doesn't make a legitimate company. Carefully investigate companies that you are interested in.

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