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Reshipping Scams

Shipping Job Scams


Shipping job scams offer you a work-at-home job, promising that you can earn a lot of money by reshipping - repackaging and forwarding goods.

How Shipping Scams Work

The company will ask you to pay for shipping, and then promise to reimburse you later. However, what you are repackaging and forwarding are actually stolen goods - often consumer electronics.

If the company actually pays you back, it will be with a fake check. You will ultimately have to pay for shipping charges and be liable to you bank. Also, if the company asks you to declare the packages as "gifts," you may be found guilty of falsifying government documents.

Also considered postal fraud, these scams have become prevalent as more and more Americans looking for employment seek work-at-home jobs. These companies often seem legitimate, claiming to be engaged in "correspondence managing" or "distribution." Do not be deluded by companies that seem legitimate, or by the promise of an impressive salary. Home receiving/shipping is not an actual job; if you see job offers like this on a job search site, alert the site's security division immediately.

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