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Personal Assistant Scams


Personal Assistant Scams
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Personal assistant job listings are common on Craigslist and numerous job search sites, and those job postings are typically scams.

Types of Personal Assistant Scams

Typical personal assistant scams offer generous payment for helping them transfer money to businessmen at other companies. They will send you a check or money order, asking you to forward some of the money while keeping a percentage for yourself. The check will be fraudulent, and you will be forced to pay back your bank.

Other scams ask for a personal assistant who will receive and ship various packages. While the scammer will claim these packages are related to his company, they will in fact be illegal goods. The scammer might even send you a fraudulent check to pay for shipping costs. Not only will you have to pay your back for the fraudulent check, but you could also be charged with mailing illegal goods.

How to Avoid Personal Assistant Scams

To avoid these scams, thoroughly research an employer before applying for a job. Some listings for personal assistants are extremely vague, simply stating that the employer works from home. You have every right to ask for information regarding the company with which your potential employer is affiliated. For example, if the employer says he is a lawyer working from home, make sure he has actually worked on cases or belonged to a real firm.

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