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What Are Direct Deposit Paycheck Scams?


What Are Direct Deposit Paycheck Scams?
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Direct deposit scams involve getting job applicants to give out their bank account information. These scams, which are often posted on Craigslist and other job boards or sent via email, often offer a position that seems too good to be true - high salary, minimal hours, no in-person interview required.

The scammer then says he can only deliver your paychecks by direct deposit, and he therefore requires your account information. After giving him your account numbers, he will take money from your account, and you will never hear from the employer again. This scam is especially common among work-at-home and telecommuting jobs.

Direct Deposit Scam Warning Signs

While direct deposit is convenient, most legitimate employers do not require it. Therefore, never share your bank account information or agree to a direct deposit before checking out the company and the job to make sure they are legitimate, accepting a job offer and completing new hire paper work.

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