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Job Search and Employee Privacy

Information on how to conduct a professional job search, job search and employee privacy issues, what employers can find out about you online, and how job seekers and employees can protect their privacy.

Job Search Internet Checklist
When you're job searching, what you probably consider personal information can be found online by potential employers. Given that many employers do research potential employees, it's important to ensure that all your communications, including email, instant message, MySpace and Facebook profiles, and blogs are professional.

Social Media Do's and Don'ts
Social media, including sites like Twitter and Facebook, can help you find a job and connect with people who can assist you with growing your career. However, it works both ways. Social media when used the wrong way can backfire and jeopardize a job offer or even your current job.

Online Job Search Privacy
It's important to protect your privacy when job searching online. Here's information on how to keep your personal information confidential and how to protect your privacy.

Posting Information Online Can Get You Fired
There have been more than a few stories in the news about employees being fired because of what they posted online. Posting company business (good or bad), posting that you hate your employer, posting inappropriate information on Facebook, tweeting that you have a job offer while still employed, are just a few examples.

Identity Theft Protection for Job Seekers
Identity theft protection for job seekers, including information on common employment-related scams, how to avoid scams, how to protect your identity from being stolen, and what to do if you have been scammed.

How to Avoid Identity Theft When Job Searching
There are so many scams and so much fraud when it comes to online job searching, it can be hard to tell what's legitimate and what's not. How can you tell if a job is a scam? What can you do to protect your identity when job searching? And what can you do if you get scammed? Here's how to protect your identity when job searching.

Online Job Search Privacy
It's important to protect your privacy when job searching online. Here's information on how to keep your personal information confidential and how to protect your privacy.

Confidential Job Searching Tips and Techniques
When you don't want your current employer to find out that you're job hunting, there are steps you can take to keep your job search is confidential. Here's how to keep your job search confidential and how to protect your privacy.

Are You Concerned About Posting Personal Information Online?
Poll: Are you concerned about a prospective employer finding personal information about you online?

Job Searching From Work
Job searching from work isn't a good idea. It could even get your fired. However there are some ways you can build your career and network without jeopardizing your current position.

Employee Privacy Law
In today’s world of fast-developing technology, in which the click of mouse can dispense a plethora of information, privacy for job seekers and employees is a significant issue.

How Blogging Can Impact Your Job Search
Can having a blog or a personal web site impact your job search, for better or for worse? It might. I read in someone's blog recently that they lie in interviews. That wouldn't thrill a prospective employer if they knew about it. A blog can get you fired, stop you from getting hired or if used appropriately, help you get a job.

Using Instant Messenger (IM) to Job Search
Instant messaging (IM) services can be a good tool to use when job searching. If you have an instant message account you can use it for networking, both with the people on your buddy list and with professional contacts.

MySpace, Facebook and Privacy
Did you know that your MySpace and Facebook profiles aren't as private as you think they are? Employers have been known to peruse MySpace and Facebook, along with blogs and web sites of prospective employees.

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